Gratitude for chiropractic’s canaries in the coal-mine

Abstract: Our previous editorial (Ebrall, 2021) expressed concern with a report by Côté et al (2021). We were the first to call out this paper for what we saw it to be, an unashamed use of purported scientific method to set a self-serving political agenda. It is always nervous to make such a big call, especially against persons holding hallowed status in our profession, but today we see they have feet of clay and the Journal has been vindicated by not just one, but many canaries calling out their concerns.

Thankfully our profession’s canaries are highly reputable scientists, writers, and educators who represent the best of our contemporary thought. 

In a nutshell, Côté et al undertook inquiry with questionable methods and with a good dose of spin, turned into into a ‘global summit’ meant to inform decision makers. Their conclusions were unfavourable to our profession, but of course, were also unfounded as many others now show.

This Journal does not have a preconceived political position in the world of chiropractic. We welcome submissions from all, and submit each without pre-judgement to our standard process of peer-review, where the author is blinded. When our reviewers consider a paper has merit and deserves to be published, we act. 

We will not censor those on the list of complicit authors of the Côté paper and if any submission from any named author passes our peer-review, then it will be published. 

Cite: Ebrall P. Gratitude for chiropractic’s canaries in the coal-mine. [Editorial]. Asia-Pac Chiropr J. 2021;2.1. URL

Atlas of Healing: Dr Joe's Podcast

Watch Dr Joe Ierano talk with Dr Andrew Vincent about whether or not a 'Wilk Trial' could occur in Australia. The importance of this discussion relates to the paramount safety of chiropractic, especially with children, as based on the greatest-ever response by the public to an issue before the Victorian government. This should be viewed by all students as well as all practitioners who are yet to learn the importance of The Wilk Trial.

The Journal can not under-estimate the importance of these matters and the value of this interview. In the end, it boils down  to heroes of the profession standing up and fighting for our freedom, and Dr Vince's wise guidance for us to 'pay it forward.


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