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Now in our 5th year
Now in our 5th year

apcj Issue 5.1

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Chiropractic articles

Philosophy of Chiropractic

Abrahams T: Philosophy: To be or not to be?

Weiner G: The nature of the Subluxation and the simple elegant complexity of The Adjustment: Not your Grandfather’s waterhose

Rome P, Waterhouse JD: The specific chiropractic adjustment is conducted within an articulation’s physiological range of motion: Part 4 of a series

Elbert R: Doctor, what is the intention of your adjustment? A Clinical Huddle

Blum C: Channeling healing energy: The power of touch in the chiropractic clinical encounter, Part three

Rome PL, Waterhouse JD: The Vertebral Subluxation premise: Part 1: The medical literature regarding nomenclature

Policy Committee. Australian Chiropractors Association: Policy on Chiropractic Practice, Scope & Terminology

Rome PL, Waterhouse JD: The Vertebral Subluxation premise: Principle 1 continued, The medical literature regarding nomenclature and onset

Ebrall P: Subluxation as a fuzzy narrative

Blum C: Yesterday when I was young [Reflection]

McDowall C-A: Evidence that may support the claim that spinal manipulative therapy can affect the patient beyond muscle and joint pain: A systematic narrative review

Seiler E: DD Palmer’s theistic spin on biology and the modern effort to hide it

Rome PL, Waterhouse JD: Medicine has failed to grasp the principles explaining chiropractic’s international success [Editorial]

McLuckie A: Preparing for the worst, hoping for the best and bracing for impact: A narrative on parallels between chiropractic education and the WCCS pandemic response

Ebrall P: A philosophy for chiropractic education in the 21st Century: A contextual prelude

Richards DM: The meaning and value of vitalism in chiropractic [Thesis]

Fox M, et al: Vitalism in a New Zealand chiropractic program

Ebrall P: Absolving Chiropractic’s indeterminacy through interdependence

Chiropractic History

Callender A: Reflections of a chiropractic historian

Peters R: The reason for remembering significant people: The story of Mary Ann Chance and why our profession is what it is in Australia today

Peters RE: The Founder of Chiropractic: Some notes on DD Palmer

Ebrall P: DD Palmer and the Egyptian Connection: A short report

Cuthbert S: A Colossal Chiropractic Footprint: Reflections on the influence of George J Goodheart Jr, DC, DIBAK, Founder of Applied Kinesiology upon Chiropractic, Medical, and Complementary and Alternative Medical thinking around the world

Cuthbert S, Lindley-Jones C, at al: A history of professional Applied Kinesiology around the world (Part I)

Smith JC: Chiselled hands: A history of manipulative therapy and Chiropractic care

Davis KY, Blum CL: A history of temporal sphenoidal (TS) diagnosis and its clinical application

Ierano J: The upper cervical Chiropractic lineage diagram project

Ebrall P: Finding the professional identity of chiropractic in Australasia that shaped education: A pragmatic narrative of the Inquiry Period from 1960 to 1979

Ebrall P: The establishment of the International College of Chiropractic (ICC) Melbourne

Ebrall P: The Emergence of Chiropractic Education in Australia

Ebrall P: RMIT University kills its Chiropractic program in Victoria

Ebrall P: Another one bites the dust: Are we witnessing the demise of our profession? [Editorial]

Ebrall P:It’s not the battles we lose that bother me, it’s the ones we don’t suit up for’ [Editorial]

Ebrall P: Survival and growth: Adversity make us do better [Editorial]

Chiropractic Techniques

Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT)

Applied Kinesiology (AK)

Under construction

Gonstead Methods

Under construction

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AMA resurrects Australia's 'babygate'

Right after Spinal Care Week, and just ahead of the ACA National Conference, AND 7 months AFTER the CBA revision ... go figure

Get to know the School of Allied Health at Murdoch

New feature: Book chapters

Dr Charles Blum: Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique

Read Chapter 1: Introduction to Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (CMRT)

This book will be published on Amazon from 10 July 2024. We will share the link in our next issue.

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