July 2021 issue Asia Pacific Chiropractic Journal

Award-winning papers Volume 1 (2020-21)

Congratulations, and thank you!

For many years the Chiropractic Journal of Australia annually awarded the paper judged by the Editorial Board as making the strongest contribution to the literature of chiropractic. This recognition has not recently occurred so we appropriate the idea because we believe those who make the effort to advance our professional knowledge should be recognised. All papers published in the first volume of the Journal were eligible, and caused wonderful discussion among the judging panel.

As Editor, I am pleased to announce our initial awardees:

The Most Outstanding Contribution to the chiropractic literature is a marvellous explanation by Rome and Waterhouse on the mechanisms of the adjustment, putting paid to the myth that the therapeutic thrust by a trained chiropractor takes the spinal joint beyond beyond its normal physiological range of motion. Clearly, it does not, and this paper will come to be cited in future legal cases. This is now the second indexed paper making this critically important point. We expect law-makers to now amend their statements to reflect the literature and ensure they have legal standing.

The Journal is pleased and proud to recognise Dr Robyn Stephenson who published her first-ever papers this year. We also express appreciation to Dr Charles Blum who is mentoring others to bring their work to published status. And last but certainly not least, we recognise Dr Carrie-Ann McDowall, a new graduate, for work undertaken during her studies, Carrie-Ann is one of three students who have published with us this year.

Each of our 5 awardees will receive an etched plaque to permanently recognise their achievement. The Editorial Board wonders what our second year will bring …

Carrie-Ann McDowall with Joe Ierano

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