Chiropractic care of a 9-week old female with Erb’s palsy: A case report

Abstract: Objective: This is a single case study involving a 9-week old female with a right Erb’s palsy injury following birth trauma. 

Clinical features: A 9-week old female presented with no movement in her right arm, rather it hung limply by her side. Chiropractic examination revealed a S1 subluxation. 

Intervention and Outcomes: Chiropractic care was administered which was associated with restoration of movement to her right shoulder and elbow with strength and motor skills continually becoming greater with time and further treatment. Passive range of motion exercises along with taping of the brachioradialis muscle were also used in the early stages of care. 

Conclusion: This case provides some supporting evidence that chiropractic care can have a positive effect on resolving Erb’s palsy from birth trauma. 

Indexing Terms: Erb’s palsy, subluxation, birth trauma, dural tension, Gonstead chiropractic.

Cite: Forsyth K. Chiropractic care of a 9-week old female with Erb’s palsy [Case Report]. Asia-Pac Chiropr J. 2021;1.3:Online only. URL


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