The Journal values our contributors

The Journal exists because of its contributors, people who have ideas to share and things to say. We celebrate publishing their work but more important, we value their minds and their thinking

Once a year we will gather as a virtual 'meeting of the minds' and our first such Global Meeting is scheduled for 5/6 May 2021 (Melbourne time, Australia). The meeting will be conducted by zoom and limited to those who have contributed and published with the Journal in its first year, 2020/21

The intent of the meeting is to be a relaxed 'sharing of ideas'; it is not about presenting a new paper, it is simply a 'sharing of ideas', a 10 minute chat about your current thinking and writing, with 5 mins open discussion

After the New Year, both Gregorian and Lunar, has ticked over, we will start to make firm plans and arrange the program

Just think: you can spend a day with like minded people without any travel costs, hotel costs, time out of practice, and so on

Keep time free around your 5th and 6th of May, and rest assured, we will make sure you receive all the deets

In appreciation of all you are doing to make our Journal a sucess



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