Practice characteristics of New Zealand chiropractors: A 2019 survey


Objective: To summarise the key findings of the 2019 Survey of the New Zealand Chiropractic Profession given to New Zealand chiropractors and compare them to the practice patterns seen in similar local and international studies. 

Method: The 62-question survey was conducted online, and access was provided via an email or Facebook invitation. The survey was sent to all registered chiropractors in New Zealand and those on the database at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic (NZCC). The questions were divided into sections that included the chiropractic practitioner, chiropractic practice management, chiropractor beliefs and chiropractor clinical management. 

Summary: 310 chiropractors responded to the survey. The results indicate that the typical chiropractor in New Zealand graduated from NZCC and found a job within six months of graduating or graduated over five years ago and is a sole practitioner with a thriving practice. They also suggest that the majority of chiropractors in New Zealand have a vertebral subluxation focus and use a range of techniques in their practice. 

Indexing terms: Chiropractic, New Zealand, Survey, Practice characteristics.

Cite: Glucina T, Gaskin H, Fox M, Holt K. Practice characteristics of New Zealand chiropractors: A 2019 survey. Asia-Pacific Chiropr J. 2021;1.3. URL


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