Colic and infant birth trauma [Case Report]

Abstract: Infants are often presented by their desperate parents to chiropractic clinics with a range of health problems, that in the case of the very young these attendances often appear to arise after a difficult birth. In many cases, these patients are referred by their midwife or infant health care nurse, who while dedicated health delivery professionals, understand the limitations of what they have to offer and have seen many positive results when such infants receive appropriate chiropractic care, particularly when conventional medical protocols do not appear to be effective or offer acceptable symptomatic relief. This collaborative trend is positive, and while the nursing profession often appears to encompass this approach, it is still strongly resisted by medical practitioners. (1) A paediatric condition that does appear to benefit from chiropractic care is colic. (2) This case study presents both a potential birth injury being linked to colic and the efficacy of chiropractic care for this individual. 

Indexing Terms: Colic, birth trauma, 5th Thoracic, resuscitation, chest compression, subluxation, infant adjusting, chiropractic, Gonstead.

Cite: Rossborough I, Hart C. Colic and infant birth trauma [Case Report]. Asia-Pac Chiropr J. 2021;1.3:Online only. URL  


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