An initial case-mix report of chiropractic practice in the Philippines

Abstract: This paper is a short, descriptive report of conventional chiropractic practice in the Philippines. The first data reported represent a Case-Mix report where the presenting problem of 100 consecutive patients are reported along with basic demographics. The second data are extracted from a representative sample of 695 patients from which a smaller sample of n=47 was extracted and reported. The Case-Mix data are from three distinctly different clinical settings (metro Manila, Mindanao Island, and Cavite) and the larger sample is drawn from a larger number of clinics through the country. The analysis shows approximation to known case-mix data from other countries and practice settings. As with all early reports the data raise more questions than they answer, however the prime intent is to inform the development os a university-based educational program in the Philippines. A baseline is now set for further reports of chiropractic practice throughout the Philippines.

Indexing Terms: Chiropractic, Philippines, Case-Mix, conventional chiropractic.

Cite: Tetrault MY. An initial case-mix report of chiropractic practice in the Philippines. Asia-Pac Chiropr J. 2020;1:006 DOI


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