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Witch hunt down under [cri deCOUER]

According to the judge, ‘The AMA did not, during the entire period of the boycott, have reason to hold that view. It is clear that there were some therapeutic benefits of chiropractic that the AMA knew about’ She noted many medical doctors testified that chiropractic care got people well in half the time as medical care.

These medical men and journalists should be ashamed of their effort to assassinate the character of Dr Rossborough and impugn an entire profession without one shred of evidence.

If Australasian journalists have a ‘fairness doctrine’, they should be obligated to write a retraction, present the facts and give Dr Rossborough and the chiropractic profession equal time to redeem themselves. Clearly this attack on paediatric chiropractic is a witch-hunt that has nothing to do with the actual science showing the clinical effectiveness of paediatric chiropractic for colic.

Cite: Smith JC. Witch hunt down under [cri deCOUER]. Asia-Pac Chiropr J. 2020;1:027 DOI  


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