Iowa Plan

Tap the button below to download the document which gave rise to the 'Iowa Plan' to contain and destroy chiropractic. The document is a copy of the Plaintiff's Exhibit #172 from the Wilk Trial. It is called THE MENACE OF CHIROPRACTIC and is an outline of remarks made by Robert B. Throckmorton, Legal Counsel, Iowa Medical Society, 11 November  1962,

Rome on the Iowa Plan

The Iowa Plan was aimed at thwarting the advancement of chiropractic. The Medical Society was concerned at the success and popularity of chiropractic as a serious competitor to its healthcare dominance. The plan was adopted and actively implemented by the American Medical Association in a serious breach of the anti-competitive trust legislation in the US.

Wilk Trial supporters

This article provides a historical summary of the National Chiropractic Antitrust Committee (NCAC), a nonprofit organisation that provided much-needed support for the Wilk et al v American Medical Association et al lawsuit, considered to be one of the most important legal cases in the history of the chiropractic profession. Published in J Chiropr Humanit 2019


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