Peer-review with the Asia-Pac Chiropr J is a receptive, cooperative process and is celebratory, not combative. As an author you will nominate 2 people you feel have the content expertise to critically judge your work. This process relies on trust and an author that recommends their partner and mother will not be viewed kindly. The Editor’s role is to filter the most critical comment and convert it to words that may be of use to the author. 

Write your manuscript in 12pt Times New Roman and 1.5 line spacing and because we use a personal interaction with our writers, just email your ms as an attachment to the journal at the email address in the footer. Use Apple Pages or Microsoft .docx

Author/s names: First Last, separated from any other authors by comma.

Structure: Most papers benefit from an abstract. Use the form of abstract most suited to your paper. This may be a structured abstract or a narrative abstract. If structured set your headings in Bold with a colon, thus Objective: blah blah blah.

The Journal uses familiar main headings such as Introduction, Methods, Literature Review, Results, Discussion, Conclusion.

We then use one level of subheading. One example could be Discussion, The historical review, and Contemporary considerations. The subheadings are explanatory signposts for the reader and are italicised.  As a rule of thumb there should be more than one paragraph of text under any one heading or subheading, but use as many subheadings as are needed for clarity.

Figures and Tables: You will submit a figure or a table within your text where you think it best fits. If it doesn't work for the Journal's mobile style we will ask and show you how to improve it.

You may add seperate blocks such as ‘What is New’ or ‘What this paper means’. These will be used to promote your work.

Ephemera: In a seperate block give the names of each author with all of their academic qualifications in the year-order of attainment. No honorary or paid Fellowships, only those earned by examination. Give the affiliation of each author as ‘Institution - position’, or 'private practice, City'.

Assignment: Submitting by email means you formally agree to the policies of the Asia-Pac Chiropr J as they be from time to time. In summary, you retain the copyright of your submission and licence the Asia-Pac Chiropr J to publish and promote your work as we see fit. Once published you may not withdraw your paper however you may submit a correction or subsequent explanation.

Returned manuscripts: We will return any ms that does not fulfil our technical requirements AND we will provide guidance on how to refine your submission.

The Journal's commitment to you as an author is to:

  1. Acknowledge receipt of your manuscript within 12 hours, or for areas outside Asia-Pacific, within 24 hours;
  2. Immediately undertake technical review to ensure alignment with the Journal's style and to return within 48 hours of receipt any ms that requires refinement;
  3. Expect response from reviewers within 7 calendar days. Where a reviewer fails to comply they will be ignored and not used in the future;
  4. Respond with comments to the author within 14 days;
  5. Advise the status of the ms at the earliest opportunity and proceed to publication; and
  6. Distribute a push notification to subscribers promoting your paper and announcing its publication.

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