About your manuscript

Our intent is to help authors create on iPad and to submit within the Apple ecosystem. Therefore we are the first journal to preference manuscripts in the Apple Pages format. We will also accept manuscripts in the Microsoft Word format of .docx but preferably not in the .pdf format.

Language of the paper: The journal is purposed to serve the world’s most populous region, although regrettably it is underserved by practicing chiropractors and chiropractic educational institutions; we are working to change this.

Peer review: The Journal considers peer review as a positive feedback cycle and returns reviewer comment within 2 weeks of receiving a manuscript. Given the Journal will publish in the language of the author it is a condition that the author will nominate reviewers fluent in the language of the paper  and provide an English language abstract. On request the author will provide a more detailed summary in the English language to assist the review process. Please note point (10) below.

Here are the essentials for either format (Pages or Word):

  1. Your manuscript will not be under submission to any other publisher or journal;
  2. You will write using Times New Roman font in 12 pt. You will not get excited and think your title should be in 36 point);
  3. You will use line spacing at 1.5;
  4. You will not use formatting in any manner except for BOLD and ITALICS;
  5. You will set out your manuscript in the manner given described in these notes;
  6. You will not use any running heads or page numbers;
  7. You will indent the first line of each paragraph using the preset indent and will not format to create your own indent;
  8. You will not add extra paragraph returns around headings, subheadings, and paragraphs
  9. You will not blind your work as this journal uses an open review process. When you submit you are invited to offer the names with email address of two people you consider appropriate to review your work (these may or may not be chiropractors). The journal will add a further reviewer you will never know about, this person’s role is to confirm the technical details and the general thrust of your work. 
  10. You will receive each review and are expected to consider your work against the reviewers’ aggregated suggestions. You are encouraged to challenge the reviewers’ comments and they will receive your feedback. While you may know the names of the reviewers you will not be able to link any comment with any individual reviewer. You undertake to ensure any response is collegiate and cordial and in the spirit of advancing the standard of publication in chiropractic.
  11. If any author becomes obnoxious their paper will be rejected.

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