About the Asia-Pacific Chiropractic Journal

The formal indexing ID for this journal is Asia-Pac J Chiropr

We are a journal by chiropractors for chiropractors. Our purpose is to celebrate the writers for chiropractic. We are be reflective of the Palmer heritage in Chiropractic and adventurous to develop and grow the discipline through patient care, community leadership, and discipline scholarship.

All our processes are focussed on rapid publication without barriers. There are four blocks of text to inform you: this general overview; specific information on how to prepare your manuscript; an explanation on our radical approach to referencing; and the process of submission including a refreshing engagement with peer-reviewers.

The three pillars of the Asia-Pac Chiropr J are Freedom, Truth, and Health. We appreciate that where you stand on an issue depends on where you sit, and this depends on who has paid for your chair. The Journal is funded by an ongoing grant from a private family grateful for the way chiropractic has made their lives worth living. The Journal has no link to any chiropractic association or institution and is fully independent in all meanings of the idea of independence. Nobody owns our ‘chair’.

The Journal is a serious scientific publication designed to be consumed with joy from mobile devices. In this regard we are the first chiropractic journal to be specifically designed for mobile platforms. In fact, the Journal is managed from an iPad Pro 12.9 device.

The Journal is identified with its own ISSN and every paper is issued with a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). We are proud to be indexed in the Index to Chiropractic Literature (chiroindex.org) as we consider this service to be the portal-of-relevance to the chiropractic literature.

Our actions against each of our three pillars are:

Freedom: The Asia-Pac Chiropr J is open access with no author fees. We are specifically designed for the 21st Century mobile chiropractor and chiropractic student. The Editorial Board has paid close attention to removing all impediments to responsible publication. We welcome student research from any chiropractic institution and will publish items of interest and relevance to any chiropractic association. 

Language of the paper

The Journal will publish in the language of the author on the condition that the ms is submitted in that language. The author will also provide an English language abstract, and on request, will provide a more detailed summary in the English language.

Truth: The Asia-Pac Chiropr J is a serious scientific journal and all papers are peer-reviewed with a rapid and open process. We aim for a time-to-publication of no more than a week. We expect a high standard of scholarship and concise referencing. Because we are a mobile platform we ask for URLs or DOIs with each reference, citation or note where such exists. 

Health: Our range of authors will be broad as long as their topic is directly relevant to a chiropractor's role in health and well-being. We are not a journal for medical variants of chiropractic nor for physical therapists. 

We welcome contributions from psychologists, exercise physiologists, medical specialists, radiologists, and similar professionals. We reasonably expect each paper we publish to contribute to the health and well-being of our community, however a reader’s community may be defined. 

The other 3 information blocks are essential reading for you if you wish to submit.


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