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Second Quarter 2024
(Apr to Jun)
Volume 4, Issue 4 (4.4)

clarity amongst the chiropractic noise

In Memoriæ

Charlton: Dr Carl Hamilton

Riekeman: Dr Gerry Clum

Image courtesy of Dynamic Chiropractic. Read their tribute to Dr Clum here

Thanks to the Journal's Research Team
Thanks to the Journal's Research Team

'anthroposophic medicine'

Treatment plans are individualised ... to restore balance in the four formative forces and the threefold nature and to support salutogenesis and activate the individual’s innate self-healing capacity.

Anthroposophic medicine sits beautifully with the idea of Chiropractic, although at this time the WHO has not been shown this potential.

The questions now raised are, how do anthroposophic concepts and ideas fit with the GCC's denial of subluxation and its contextual foundations?

How will the WFC respect the foundations of anthroposophic medicine and link it with Chiropractic as they develop new benchmarks our training?

WHO Benchmarks for training: anthroposophic medicine

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Podcasts we love

We need more of this  exposure

Heidi Haavik explains some research findings about Chiropractic and the power of the adjustment. 

The Journal is aware of numerous allegations levelled at the behaviour of Mr Brand.

We make no comment as these allegations are under investigation. We note no charges have been laid.

Living history

This 'History Moment' is a slow look at BJ's Davenport clinic, from ‘Chiropractic History’ on Facebook

For more Chiropractic History, also follow Scott Jackson on his Facebook page. This video is from Scott’s collection.

The Journal remains delighted to work with Dr Todd Waters, a highly regarded chiropractic historian. Next issue we will bring you a short video from his collection. To see the videos collected by Dr Waters, click here

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