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Argue that Chiropractic is more probabilistic than deterministic. Then argue that Chiropractic is more deterministic than probabilistic.

'med bed'

The revelation of Med Beds, alongside UV Light Therapies and other advanced technologies rooted in the genius of Nikola Tesla’s 6000 patents, is poised to dismantle the existing paradigms of medical treatment and research. Read more here. Who said health care is not political?

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Second Quarter 2024
(Apr to Jun)
Volume 4, Issue 4 (4.4)

Freedom of thought and discussion

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Australia’s Spinal Health week is May 20-26

Students: You too can achieve success like Malachai

Adjusting Healthcare disparities

Tiahna Fiddling

Hundreds of kilometres and countless hours to access basic chiropractic care is a challenge faced by Weipa residents in Far North Queensland. Motivated by his upbringing in the remote Cape York town, CQUniversity student Malachai Clements is determined to address these healthcare disparities in underserved populations.

"Growing up in Weipa, I witnessed the need for better spinal health, and experiencing the lack of accessibility myself ignited my passion for chiropractic care,” Malachai said.

"The majority of Cape York residents live very physically demanding lives – rugby league is a way of life, intertribal conflicts are normal, and most people have labour-intensive mining or agricultural jobs. 

“For most Australians, the nearest chiropractor is around a 20-minute drive away, for us, it’s 12 hours, and that is providing the roads aren’t flooded!

“The desire to help my community, coupled with my interest in the human body and biology, inspired me to pursue a chiropractic career.”

I am working with Associate Professor Katie de Luca and her research team in applying for funding to research the need for spinal care in Cape York. Their guidance has been invaluable in shaping my aspirations and instilling in me the importance of community-focused healthcare.”

Recently, Malachai was selected as one of the 40 International Youth Delegates to attend the 2023 Pacific-Australia Youth Association Inc.'s Youth Leadership Summit in Nuku’alofa (Tonga). Malachi was supported by a CQUGlobal grant though the University’s International Directorate. 

He said this opportunity only further fuelled his commitment to global health equity. “The Summit was a life-changing experience, highlighting for me the need for better chiropractic care world-wide and the need for Australia to play a bigger role in supporting our Pacific neighbours. If I can successfully open a chiropractic clinic in Weipa, I would love to organise service trips up to the Torres Strait,” Malachai said. 

Story courtesy of CQUniversity [read more]

A highly experienced pilot giving evidence to an Australian Senate Hearing about COVID serums

Podcasts we love

Ep 108: WHO Chronic Primary Low Back Pain Guideline

In this episode of the ACA podcast, host Dr Anthony Coxon is joined by Dr Lyndon Amorin-Woods as they discuss the WHO guideline for non-surgical management of chronic primary low back pain in adults in primary and community care settings.

Listen to the ACA Podcast at chiro.org.au/podcast or on your device via Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Living history

This 'History Moment' is a slow look at BJ's Davenport clinic, from ‘Chiropractic History’ on Facebook

For more Chiropractic History, also follow Scott Jackson on his Facebook page. This video is from Scott’s collection.

The Journal remains delighted to work with Dr Todd Waters, a highly regarded chiropractic historian. Next issue we will bring you a short video from his collection. To see the videos collected by Dr Waters, click here

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