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Our cultural authority

Cultural authority is earned, not granted. At Day One this journal will have no authority however we have invested in the very best chiropractors globally who will earn our authority through their work.

Our Editorial Board is structured with Section Editors, each an expert in their field, plus Community Representatives and a voice from our students. We welcome associations accepting the Asia-Pac Chiropr J and submitting news and updates they would like to publish for members. We look forward to working with the librarians, our heroes, at chiropractic institutions by being listed as a 'chiropractic resource'; our indexing is with the Index to Chiropractic literature 

The Section Editor is the person assigned to bring a manuscript to fruition. They are already incredibly busy people and for this reason we want our authors and creators to be as close to the ideal paper as they can be on submission. It is the role of the Editor, Prof Phillip Ebrall, to help achieve this.

The sections, and their editors, are:

  • Research: RIP Dr Dave Russell (BSc (psych), BSc (Chiropr), Cert TT)
  • Education: Dr Brian Kelly (BAppSci(Chiropr))
  • Case Reports: Dr Joel Alcantara, DC, PhD(Cand)
  • Community: Dr Jennifer Luu, BSc(Pharmacology), BHSc(Chiro), MClinChiro
  • Business: Dr Michel Tetrault, DC
  • Clinical: Dr Scott Cuthbert, BA, DC
  • Paediatrics: Dr Matt Doyle, BSc (Neuro), BAppSc, BChiroSc, MSc AP Paed Chiro, GCTEd, PhD (Cand)
  • History: Dr Gary Bovine, DC
  • Imaging: Dr Marty Timchur, MAppSc(Med.Img.), MChiropr, BAppSc(Occ. Health), GDip(Risk Mgmnt), Phd(Cand)
  • Integration: Dr Seika Kamohara, MD, PhD
  • Philosophy: Prof Phillip Ebrall, MPhotog, BAppSc Chiropr,PhD, GCert (Tert Learn Teach), DC(Hon)

The Editorial Board also has community members from various countries. 


The Asia-Pacific Chiropractic Journal is published electronically by Asia-Pacific Chiropractic Journal, ABN 95993437593 held in Trust as Asia-Pacific Chiropractic Journal at 6 Sidney Nolan Place, Diamond Creek, Victoria, Australia. The journal is a non-profit, open-access publication. Contact by email.

The journal is registered with ISSN pending and all content is published in good faith. An annual compendium is produced following the completion of each volume. The 'Compendium of the Asia-Pacific Chiropractic Journal 2021' is ISBN 978-1-64826-078-0. 

The Journal is non-aligned with any political or professional association, organisation or other interest group and is committed to free and open publication of matters of relevance to chiropractors and chiropractic students globally.

The Journal does not accept paid advertising. The Journal will support chiropractic associations, events and activities that align with the conventional view of the majority of chiropractors.

Neither the Journal nor the Editor have any commercial relationships that impact the neutrality of the Journal. 

There is a commitment to create and build the Journal within the Apple ecosystem using a paid web-design program ‘Rocketspark’, paid publication in ‘issuu’, and paid membership of CrossRef for DOI support. All illustrative images are paid product from VectorStock and photographs and video are shot on iPhone 11 Pro Max, owned by the Editor. Site management is conducted on iPad Pro 12.9 2020.

ISSN Pending

ISBN 978-1-64826-078-0 (Compendium, available July 2021)


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