Third Quarter 2023
(July - September)
Volume 4, Issue 1 (4.1)

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Abstracts from the 14th Sacro Occipital Technique Research Conference 2023 

Alvarez:  A 5½ mo female successfully treated for plagiocephaly/brachycephaly with sacro occipital technique cranial protocols

Bloink & Blum: Treatment of an ageing patient with cervicogenic and craniocervical related tinnitus

Brayton: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Co-Treatment of SOT Chiropractic, The Tupler Technique and Microcurrent

Boro: Chiropractic care of a 6-year-old male child presenting with severe eye trauma

Blum: Asymmetrical lumbar facets complicating a diversified HVLA lumbar side posture adjustment

Gerardo: Sacro occipital technique (SOT) cranial techniques incorporating myofascial tongue therapy for acute neck restricted motion

Blum J: Emotional or Mechanical: Assessing for referral and co-treatment of jaw pain as a Body Psychotherapist

Greene: 60 year old female presenting in acute pain wheeled into an office on a dolly

Bloink & Blum: Treatment of a patient with cervicogenic related vertigo

Lee: Sacro occipital technique care for a 7-year-old male patient with ADHD

Mirell: Sexuality in Our 55 Year Old and Older Patient Population

Greene: 50y male overweight veteran presenting with acute LBP, discopathy, and PTSD treated with SOT and myofascial techniques

Blum: Grade three anterolisthesis L5/S1 of a 28 year old female

Nichols & Nichols: The effect of sacro occipital technique (SOT) category one procedures on Chiari type 1 and cystic syringomyelia

Stowell: Chiropractic in a integrative medical health practice: A narrative

Tuttle: 40-year-old female presenting with chronic bruxism, menorrhagia, and digestive issues successfully treated with sacro occipital technique methods and eye movement desensitisation reprocessing

Blum: Successful co-management of a patient with C7/8 nerve dysfunction scheduled for surgery

Weiner & Murzycki: Improvement in nasal turbinate and adenotonsillar hypertrophy and its concomitant symptomatology with paediatric chiropractic care

Thanks to Dr Joseph Ierano
Thanks to Dr Joseph Ierano

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'In the fields of biology and medicine hormesis is defined as an adaptive response of cells and organisms to a moderate (usually intermittent) stress'

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Chiropractic thesis earns University’s top academic prize

Chiropractic thesis earns University’s top academic prize

Photo Credit: Southern Cross University

NOTE: This story has been taken down from the University web site and seems to have been removed from FaceBook.

Scattered people

'FREEDOM' is one of this Journal's three pillars. Dr John Swatland of Brisbane is a chiropractor and a film-maker who cares and with Lizzi produced this amazing documentary. We like it, and think you will too. Look for 'Scattered People' clips on YouTube. Refugee Week is from 20 June 2023 with the theme Finding Freedom.

For more by John and Lizzi see here and here. 


The Journal is delighted to work with Dr Todd Waters, a highly regarded chiropractic historian. Together we will bring you in each issue a short video as 'Living History' from Dr Waters' collection.

This issue examines the death of Dr DD Palmer.

For more videos by Dr Waters, click here

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