October & November 2021 issues Asia Pacific Chiropractic Journal

With great delight we announce the appointment of Dr Kelly Holt as President of the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

Congratulations President Holt

President Holt was an inaugural graduate of NZCC and has since established himself as Australasia's leading chiropractic researcher. His colleagues at the Centre for Chiropractic Research (NZCC) are world leaders in studying the neurophysiological effects of vertebral subluxation.

With pleasure we celebrate the awarding to Dr Stathis Papadopoulos of the WFC Chapman-Smith Honour Award.

Congratulations Stathis

Dr Papadopoulos has served the profession for over 40 years. Based in Cyprus he has been an active pro-chiropractic presence globally with an enviable record of achievements, particularly in the Eastern Medi-terranean and Middle East Chiropractic Federation.

Coming: An Asia Pacific Chiropractic Journal special edition

Featuring a collection of the latest research papers from Rome and Waterhouse of Australia. You do not need to do anything. It will arrive to all those who have signed up to the Journal. Very special reading for your end-of-year break. Please watch for it.

New Chiropractic program

The Journal is excited to see the launch of a program based on Christian values at Campbellsville University, in Kentucky. Take a look - the tuition is about 20% lower than other US colleges.

Contain and Eliminate

In 2018 Dr Lou Sportelli commissioned Howard Wolinsky to write the story of what is widely known as ‘The Wilk Trial’. These proceedings are of such significance that they must become known to every chiropractic student and recent graduate globally. 

Why? Because it is literally the reason why you are learning chiropractic today or practicing as you have been trained. It is the reason you will not go to jail for practicing chiropractic, unless you live in South Korea or under another repressive regime where political medicine dominates. It is the reason you are in a position to build a relationship with medical practitioners and medically-dominated health care facilities around your practice.

In  short, the Wilk trial is the David which slayed the medical Goliath and freed chiropractors world-wide to practice as an equal in the marketplace to medical practitioners. 

The Journal is proud to bring you the story as told by none other than Dr Lou sportelli himself.

Buy the eBook ...

Go here to read more about it and here to buy the ebook.

Book Review

Read Peter Rome's review here

'… essential reading for every chiropractor and student of chiropractic. Wolinsky brings the inside story of the famous Wilk Trial, the event which cemented the legitimacy of chiropractic.'

Proudly supported by the Asia Pacific Chiropractic Journal​

Fascinating research: MRI findings clinically associated with subluxation

Prevalence of Abnormal Findings in a Cohort of 737 Patients Referred for MRI Examination by Doctors of Chiropractic and Potential Neurological Consequences Associated with Vertebral Subluxation

Precis abstract

Three hundred twenty-five MR studies of the cervical spine were reviewed with 91% presenting spinal abnormalities, while 28 of 325 had no abnormalities noted. These abnormalities consisted of components of vertebral subluxation including: 35% had disc degeneration, 17% exhibiting osteophytosis, 6% posterior ridging, and 1% arthrosis of Joints of Luschka. Two hundred twenty-five disc lesions were present with many reports indicating multiple lesions at different segments. Three hundred sixty-one MR lumbar spine reports were reviewed with 89% presenting with spinal abnormalities including components of vertebral subluxation, while 39 of 361 had no abnormalities noted. Two hundred fifty-one (70%) of 361 had disc degeneration. Two hundred twenty four disc lesions were identified along with 24 showing canal stenosis. There were 11 thoracic spine studies, and 40 extremity studies.

Supportive reading

The Journal presents a commentary on this work from Dr Blum, and an Editorial Review by Prof Ebrall. See

Blum: Blum on Kent and Costello

Ebrall: Ebrall on Blum and Kent

Clinical Compass publishes new Clinical Practice Guideline

Objective: To develop evidence-based recommendations on best practices for delivery of clinical preventive services by chiropractors and to offer practical resources to empower provider applications in practice.

Conclusions: Application of this guideline in chiropractic practice may facilitate consistent and appropriate use of screening and preventive services and foster interprofessional collaboration to promote clinical preventive services and contribute to improved public health.

Example - Guideline 4

'A biopsychosocial model is most appropriate for health promotion and disease prevention, particularly for typical chiropractic patients who present with chronic musculoskeletal pain and comorbidities/risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions.'

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