Second Quarter 2022 (April to June) Issue 2.6

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Chiropractic's contribution to adaptability

Annual Report

The audit of our performance for the publication year July 2021 to June 2022 shows that our average circulation exceeded 12,000 recipients per issue.

The Journal has now settled on Quarterly issues however will shall continue to publish 'Special Issues' as the demand arises. We were planning on publishing contemporaneously as papers were received, but the emergence of the ability to compile additional themed issues (Rome and Waterhouse, Immunity, ASRF Case Reports) led the Editorial Board to settle on four issues a calendar year, branded as a First, Second, Third or Fourth Quarter issue, effective 2022, with special issues as needed. 

This coming year will see us develop an index of papers. It will be searchable and will gather papers by first author. This will mean that whenever a reader lands on the home page, at any time, they will have rapid access to ALL papers we have published, and continue to publish. Each entry will be linked to the actual paper.

The Editorial Board meets again in February 2023 and welcomes your input as a reader for ways we may improve your Journal. Write to

As Editor, I sincerely thank our Editorial Board members for their incredible performance in peer-reviewing so many papers on short notice. Our average 'turn-a-round' time per paper was 2.5 days. This is a bench-mark performance for others, and enabled us to bring 23 papers to our previous issue. This is not the usual gratuitous 'thank you' that you see elsewhere, it is a personal note from me to highly professional people who have exceeded all expectations.

I sincerely trust that this coming year, our third volume, will see us grow and continue to deliver to you, our readers who are chiropractors caring for thousands of people every day at your clinical interface. Thank you for reading us. And for our student readers, whom we value immensely, thank you and please carry us into your future success.

Prof Phillip Ebrall, Editor


The Journal is delighted to announce our close relationship with AK in Deutschland. What this means to you, dear reader, is that you can now access high quality papers (in German) by clicking DÄGAK below.

The Journal will also publish selected abstracts in each issue to bring you the latest European thinking in multi-dimensional chiropractic care. (click icon)


The Gonstead Chiropractic Society Australia has finalised its state-of-the-art teaching and learning materials for Gonstead Methods.

It is a world first to use the Cappasity process for documenting chiropractic technique in 3D detail. Truly, the images are amazing.

See full deets at their website and buy the GCS Manuals from Apple Books. All of us at the Journal sincerely congratulate every member of the team for this outstanding contribution to global chiropractic knowledge.

Here is a link to show you how it looks:

You can click and drag to rotate, as well as zoom in and out

https://Gonstead in Cappasity

How it was done ...

More ideas from Cappasity


深本博士がDDパーマーの1914年の教科書を翻訳したことは素晴らしいニュースです。 それは彼が亡くなった後に彼の妻によって出版されたものであり、彼の知恵の良いコレクションです。 これで、この翻訳されたコピーで簡単に読むことができます。

この大きな仕事であなたの良い仕事をしてくれた陽介に感謝します。 この本を日本のカイロプラクター全員にお勧めします。

DD Palmer's 1914 textbook has been translated into Japanese by Dr Yosuke Fukumoto, and published by Kagaku Shinbunsha. Cost 4950 円 (tax included). 

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